RIPONCommunity House

18:00-18:55 - Go with the Flow Yoga

19:10-20:00 - Yoga for Sport


MINSKIPVillage Hall

14:00-15:00 - General Yoga

BOROUGHBRIDGEMethodist Church Hall

18:00-19:00 - Yoga for Runners & Cyclists



18:00-19:00 - Beginners Yoga


20:00-20:45 - Yin (online every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month)



10:00-10:45 - Go with the Flow Yoga










PRICING - To book contact Fiona: 07561327154 or

- £7.50 per class if booked as a consecutive block. 

- £9 Pay As You Go (book first to ensure the class is not full)


- One to One private yoga sessions start at £35 for a hour. For group books please get in touch for a price. 

If you have booked a block and you are going to miss a session, please let me know in advance if possible.  You are welcome to attend another class providing there is a space but this will need to be booked in advance.  You cannot carry missed sessions over through to the next block and I am unable to give refunds.

It is important to disclose any medical or physical condition that may effect you in exercise, so that the correct advice can be given to you before joining the class.  In some instances it may be more beneficial for you to have a one to one session.  



MONDAY & FRIDAY: Community House, Ripon, HG4 1LE



WEDNESDAY: Allhallowgate Methodist Church, Ripon HG4 1LG

THURSDAY: Front Street, Aldborough, North Yorkshire, YO51 9ES



Designed to unite the body, mind and breath the practice of yoga has something special to offer everyone. I teach a range of abilities from complete beginners to experienced yogis in an inclusive and non-intimidating environment.  I believe everyone should be able to gain something positive from the practice, regardless of ability and experience.  The classes vary from week to week, focusing on different themes, asana (poses) or muscle groups. 


The main part of this class includes a flowing sequence of yoga postures to develop stamina, strength, circulation, enhanced self-awareness and improved range of motion, alongside an introduction to breathing and meditation practice. A mixed ability class, which is suitable to beginners or those who enjoy a slow, flowing class. 


Flow Yoga is now one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga because it is a workout for both the body and mind, building strength whilst developing flexibility. It combines many different types of Hatha Yoga in smooth and thought through sequences whilst using the breath to align the body and calm the mind.  This class will build heat and feel like a full body workout.  A good level of fitness and an understanding of the Sun Salutations is desirable to attend these classes. 


Focusing on gentle movements to promote mobility and flexibility, as well as helping maintain strong muscles. These classes will introduce you to yoga asana (postures) whilst also helping you to connect to the power of the breath, and the health promoting properties associated with breathing properly. A lovely way to start the week.


This is a general yoga class which is suitable for beginners to yoga, but who are already reasonably fit and mobile or to those wishing to maintain their practice. The class is based around a sequence of postures which flow together helping to maintain flexibility and build strength. We open and close the practice with calming breathing techniques designed to promote a sense of wellbeing. 

YOGA FOR CYCLISTS & RUNNERS (or anyone who suffers from tight muscles & would benefit from a stretchy practice).

Running and cycling are great forms of cardiovascular exercise but you do need YOGA too! This class will work on maintaining and building strength in the core, back and legs.  It will also stretch off those overworked muscles groups introducing more flexibility.  Not only will your body thank you for these classes but you might find your sporting performance will also benefit. 


Yin yoga targets the dense connective tissues of the body – often in the hips, pelvis & lower back – which are difficult to open & can result in both limited flexibility & stagnant energy. Yin yoga asks for surrender in gentle yet intensive poses to develop circulation & elasticity in parts of the body that lie closest to the core.  Poses are held for a few minutes, which is slow but by no means ‘easy’.  Yin yoga works with the Chinese meridians to increase and improve the flow of energy through the body. 

Yin yoga will:

- Work deep into the connective tissue helping injury prevention.

- Improve blood & energy flow for organ & joint health.

- Help bring about mindfulness. 

- Restore your energy & calm your nervous system.

- Ideal for sportspeople. 

Props are an essential part of most yin classes.  If you have blocks (2) please bring them to the class, if not please improvise an alternative. You will also need a bolster (or well stuffed cushion), a blanket and a strap (a scarf, tie or similar will do fine).  

PREGNANCY YOGA - 121 classes available

In a 121 pregnancy yoga class I will take you through classic yoga poses which will strengthen, stretch and prepare you for birth as well as promote a healthy and more active pregnancy.  In addition to a physical practice we will focus on postures to help you through labour, breathing and relaxation techniques and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.  No experience of yoga is necessary. Suitable for women in their second or third trimester.