With uncertainty hanging over us it is more important than ever that we try and stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. With an increasing number of us going into self-isolation it is essential we try and create a sense of community and stay well. With this in mind I am offering an online programme so we can continue with our yoga practice together.


Class Timetable

Classes are 45 minutes long.


Week commencing 29th June


Tuesday (Monday’s classes have been moved to Tuesday for this week only)

5:30pm - Beginners Flow

6:30pm -  Yoga for Runners and Cyclists (or anyone who suffers from tight muscles and would benefit from a stretchy practice). 

*You will need a block and a strap*

Running and cycling are great forms of cardiovascular exercise but you do need YOGA too! The repetitive movements overtax specific muscle groups, which  include the hamstrings, hip flexors and calves but also the stabilising muscles of the outer hip and thigh, including the often troublesome iliotibial (IT) band. This class will stretch these areas and help restore a natural range of motion.  We will also do poses which will keep the muscles around the joints strong and aligned which in turn protects the joints and helps keep the body injury free.



6:00pm - General Yoga



6:00pm - General Yoga



10:00am - Morning Flow


Saturday 4th July

9:30am - Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

This will be a fast paced yoga class to get the heart rate pumping, challenge you physically and get you flowing on the mat. The postures will be the same as what you are used to but there will be a lot more packed in. If you enjoy the regular yoga classes but would like to try something a bit more challenging then give this class a go. It is the perfect antidote if you have found lockdown has made you a little too sedentary! 


Week commencing 6th July



5:30pm - Beginners Flow

6:30pm -  Yoga for Runners and Cyclists (or anyone who suffers from muscular aches and pains and would benefit from a stretchy practice).



5:30pm - Yin Yoga (focussing on releasing dormant energy)

Yin yoga targets the dense connective tissues of the body – often in the hips, pelvis & lower back – which are difficult to open & can result in both limited flexibility & stagnant energy. Yin yoga asks for surrender in gentle yet intensive poses to develop circulation & elasticity in parts of the body that lie closest to the core.  Poses are held for a few minutes, which is slow but by no means ‘easy’.  Yin yoga works with the Chinese meridians to increase and improve the flow of energy through the body. 

Yin yoga will:

- Work deep into the connective tissue helping injury prevention.

- Improve blood & energy flow for organ & joint health.

- Help bring about mindfulness. 

- Restore your energy & calm your nervous system.

- Ideal for sportspeople. 

Props are an essential part of most yin classes.  If you have blocks (2) please bring them to the class, if not please improvise an alternative. You will also need a cushion, a blanket and a strap (a scarf, tie or similar will do fine).  For more information about yin yoga click here https://www.ekhartyoga.com/articles/practice/the-benefits-of-yin-yoga.



6:00pm - General Yoga



6:00pm - General Yoga



10:00am - Morning Flow


I can also offer 1-2-1 sessions via Zoom = £25 (45 minutes)  or in my garden = £35 (60 minutes)


I am offering a fortnightly subscription for £10 per household (so the whole family can join in if you want).  

This will give you unlimited access to all classes. 

Please attend as many classes as you can or try out new ones, a regular practice is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and you’ll really notice a positive difference.


A regular practice of yoga is one way to set a healthy commitment to yourself and your well-being and I hope that we can, as individuals, as communities, nationally and globally take something from the situation we find ourselves in and be stronger for it. Let yoga help provide a moment of calm in the chaos.




If you have any questions/comments please send them, here are some I’ve already had:


Will we all be able to see each other?

You will mainly see me as the ‘host’ on the screen, there is also a small strip along the top or side of the screen where each person attending is shown. You do have the option to ‘hide’ yourself if you wish and just your name will be shown.


Will we hear each other?

I have the controls being the ‘host’. I shall set the audio so that for the 10 minutes before class we can chat, then once we start I will probably ‘mute’ everyone so that only my speaker is on, just in case your dog barks, your phone rings, kids come running in or you break wind - no one else will hear!


Do I need technical experience?

Not really, but you do need to be able to get onto the internet and ideally with a screen camera (most computers have these inbuilt) so that I can see you, otherwise you’ll be able to see me but I won’t see you.