With uncertainty hanging over the next few weeks (and even months) it is more important than ever that we try and stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. With an increasing number of us going into self-isolation it is essential we try and create a sense of community and stay well. Many of you have asked if I would be willing to provide an online programme so we can continue with our yoga practice, meet up (virtually) and create some semblance of normality.


Class Timetable

Classes will be 45 minutes long. I will be online 10 minutes before the class and for 10 minutes afterwards. This will give an opportunity, to those who would like to, to meet up before and after class, have a chat, exchange stories and generally say hi to each other.  This will be particularly beneficial to those who are self-isolating.   



5:30pm - Beginners Flow

6:30pm - Open Flow and Cyclists Yoga combined



6:00pm - Beginners



6:00pm - Beginners



10:00am - Beginners


If you would like me to run a class at a specific time, or if you would like to try a different type of yoga (yin, relax and unwind) please let me know as I am happy to adapt/add to the class timetable so you can get the most from your home yoga. 


I can also offer 1-2-1 sessions via Zoom so please let me know if you would like to do this. I will offer them at the reduced rate of £20 for a 45 minute session. 


How this will work

The live lessons will be held on the platform Zoom (www.zoom.us)

See more about Zoom for first time users in the QUESTIONS section below.


- From an iPad or mobile phone please download the Zoom app (for free).  Make sure you give the app access to your microphone and camera.

I will then send a link (via email) which is an invitation to the live stream, this will include a PIN number and a password. Click on the link and enter the PIN and password (it may do this for you automatically).


- From a laptop or desktop you will not need to do anything until you receive an email from Zoom which is an invitation to the live stream. Please click on the link in this email and download the Zoom programme (it’s free).  Make sure you allow Zoom access to your camera. You will then need to enter the PIN number (it may do this for you automatically). When prompted please give access to your microphone and camera (or video).


You will not be able to join the class unless it is at the correct time (see timetable) as it is a live steam there will be no-one there if you try and logon earlier or later!

TIP - I recommend you use a desktop or laptop if possible (the bigger the screen the better) so you have a better view of the class. 



I will be offering a fortnightly subscription for £10 per household (so the whole family can join in if you want).  

This will give you unlimited access to all classes. 

Please attend as many classes as you can or try out new ones, a regular practice is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and you’ll really notice a positive difference.

The online classes will run until the halls reopen. 


What to do now

If you would like to sign up to the online classes:

1) Reply to this email or send me a text to say you would like to sign up.  

2) Download the Zoom app if you are accessing via iPad or mobile phone.

3) Transfer £10 into my account.

4) Wait for Zoom to send you an email with the link for the classes.

5) Be ready at the correct time in your home yoga space for our online yoga community. 


A regular practice of yoga is one way to set a healthy commitment to yourself and your well-being and I hope that we can, as individuals, as communities, nationally and globally take something from the situation we find ourselves in and be stronger for it. Let yoga help provide a moment of calm in the chaos.




If you have any questions/comments please send them, here are some I’ve already had:


Will we all be able to see each other?

You will mainly see me as the ‘host’ on the screen, there is also a small strip along the top or side of the screen where each person attending is shown. You do have the option to ‘hide’ yourself if you wish and just your name will be shown.


Will we hear each other?

I have the controls being the ‘host’. I shall set the audio so that for the 10 minutes before class we can chat, then once we start I will probably ‘mute’ everyone so that only my speaker is on, just in case your dog barks, your phone rings, kids come running in or you break wind - no one else will hear!


Do I need technical experience?

Not really, but you do need to be able to get onto the internet and ideally with a screen camera (most computers have these inbuilt) so that I can see you, otherwise you’ll be able to see me but I won’t see you.