“I can highly recommend Fiona's classes. They have really helped with my flexibility and core strength. I’m sure yoga has also helped me stay relatively injury free” Nick, Yoga for Sport. 


“ I definitely need to do more of this sort of exercise. Not only is it a great form of physical activity but it also focuses the body and mind to improve strength, flexibility and balance. My first experience of a Yoga class was a personal struggle but Fiona was brilliant and she knows her stuff. 100% recommended.” Alex, Beginners FlowYoga


"Fiona is a fabulous teacher and gently guides you through the fascinating world of yoga. Fiona is always so very friendly, interesting, encouraging and consistently professional. The Monday evening classes are such a lovely start to the week, leaving you with good intentions to ponder until the next class. A perfect mix of new skills to suit your ability, with a gentle element of spiritualism and relaxation. Following a joint class on New Year's day to welcome the new year, my husband now attends and absolutely loves it. A huge thank-you to Fiona and I would highly recommend". Joanna, Open Flow

"A lovely class. I always feel better after a good stretch at one of Fiona's classes". Christine, Beginners Yoga