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“I can highly recommend Fiona's classes. They have really helped with my flexibility and core strength. I’m sure yoga has also helped me stay relatively injury free” Nick, Yoga for Sport. 


“ I definitely need to do more of this sort of exercise. Not only is it a great form of physical activity but it also focuses the body and mind to improve strength, flexibility and balance. My first experience of a Yoga class was a personal struggle but Fiona was brilliant and she knows her stuff. 100% recommended.” Alex, Beginners Flow Yoga.


"Fiona is a fabulous teacher and gently guides you through the fascinating world of yoga. Fiona is always so very friendly, interesting, encouraging and consistently professional. The Monday evening classes are such a lovely start to the week, leaving you with good intentions to ponder until the next class. A perfect mix of new skills to suit your ability, with a gentle element of spiritualism and relaxation. Following a joint class on New Year's day to welcome the new year, my husband now attends and absolutely loves it. A huge thank-you to Fiona and I would highly recommend". Joanna, Open Flow.

"A lovely class. I always feel better after a good stretch at one of Fiona's classes". Christine, Beginners Yoga.

"Yoga has helped improve my life in an unexpected way. When I took up ‘Yoga for Cycling’ with Fiona it just so happened that I was not enjoying bike riding as much as I used to. The last couple of hours of my ride sitting on my bike were getting too painful. Never had an issue with my trusty cycle before, so I was beginning to think, “This is it, old age is setting in.” Enjoy what I can of my rides with my wife and just get on with it.  Luckily, in Fiona’s classes, she always makes sure our postures are correct for the movement and that we sit properly on the floor on our ‘sitting bones’.  And because of this it eventually dawned on me that my riding posture had changed and I could not feel that I was actually on my sitting bones when I rode.  I took steps to change this and I am now more comfortable all through my ride and riding further than before. I am so grateful. Thank you Fiona!"  Clayton, Yoga for Sport.

"I RAN down stairs today!! That's the first time in about 15 years that I have had the confidence (and balance) to do so. Not just one flight - two. Without thinking, it just happened!" Chrissy, Beginners Flow & Beginners Yoga.

"Fiona’s classes are uplifting, engaging and interesting. Would highly recommended 👍👍 A*" Paul, Beginners Yoga.

"I have practiced yoga a for years, mainly on my own, but I am so pleased that I joined Fiona’s classes last year. I have enjoyed every class and have felt challenged in a very positive way: each class being unique and focused. I am always made to feel welcome and I feel the benefits of yoga, including relaxation, every week." Rebecca, Open Flow Yoga.

"Fiona's instructions are really clear and help me get in exactly the right position - the communication side of classes is so important and Fiona has absolutely nailed it" Gemma, Beginners Yoga

"I absolutely love Fiona's classes.  They are always exactly what my mind and body needs." Danni, Beginners Flow. 

"Fiona's classes are fantastic. Since I started doing yoga online with Fiona in Lockdown, my mood has been so much better and I feel fitter. Yoga complements my cycling brilliantly too. I love the daily intentions and carry them through my week. It's also amazing value for money. Many thanks, Fiona!" Suzie, Online Yoga

I’ve been taking Fiona’s yoga classes for over two years ago and have always loved her teaching.  For my birthday I was lucky enough to be gifted two individual lessons with her and she was fantastic. Her tips and hints on how to improve were superb, delivered with her customary kindness and thoughtfulness. No matter what level you are at in your yoga journey, cannot recommend enough the usefulness of these individual lessons.  Thanks Fiona.

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